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Jonny #1 p5

Now we’re getting into the intense shit!

BTW: If anyone feels the text is too small on their dash, I advise you to go to the actual blog. The pages are shown large for this reason. It’s not bad on mobile but seems to be a bit of a problem on computers. Also don’t forget to reblog! Thank you :)

Since Jonny Comics is finally a thing I thought I’d show you some fan art pieces. Weeeeeeelllllllll…….sort of fan art. It was actually part of an event last Valentine’s Day at Cartoon Allies where we all drew each others characters (‘cause we were all dorks without dates). So I got these back when i was laying out the first story for Jonny Comic. I don’t remember some of the names so if anyone from Cartoon Allies sees this and there name isn’t listed or I got names wrong please tell me (assuming you still remember after, like, seven months).
And do forget to check out Jonny Comic here

Here are the names (with some of their tumblr urls):
1+2: Mohr Ben-Reuven (1 was actually a Christmas gift)
3: David Shear
4: Alexandra
5: Veronica
6: ???
7: Cathi Canvers
8: Alex Graudins

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